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New Netbook (Yes Another !)

HP has just released the specs, pricing etc. of a new netbook on their site. Now HP's previous netbook the 'HP 2133 Mini-Note' was a bit of a disaster, is ran a very slow VIA processor, it was a lot more expensive than other notebooks of it's kind and to top it all off, it ran Windows Vista :-)

However, don't be put off, after looking at the news of this one, it seems HP have got their act together a bit. There shall be two base editions (an 8.9" and a 10") which will then have the choice of 3 designs applied to them.

  • Vivienne Tam Edition - includes the designer’s personal artistic finish (image to the right), it comes in a 10.2-inch version only, has its own protective sleeve and 6 months of accidental damage coverage. This version, as you can see, is designed to be seen as a women’s ‘clutch’ handbag.

  • Windows Version - This comes with XP this time, and features a black 'piano' finish, (pictured to the left)

  • MIE Edition - MIE, standing for Mobile Internet Experience, is the (you guessed it :-]) Linux edition, no word to what distro will be included, but it sounds like an EeePC Style Xandros install.

All of the Netbooks will feature the Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, Intel GMA 950 video card, built-in WiFi b/g or Ethernet.
RAM will be at 1GB and hard drive size is available in an 8GB or 16GB SSD, or 60GB HDD. You can also choose between 3 different sized integrated thumb drives (2,4, and 8GB) that (apparently) fit into the body of the machine.
For more hours you can add an optional 6-cell battery. The keyboard that is 92% the size of a normal one, plus a webcam for Internet video.