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Big Buck Python

Big Buck Bunny Has been Tango-ized!

I have working on these for short while and so I decided to finally let them out. They are released under GPL, however Big Buck Bunny is (c) copyright Blender Foundation.
If anyone would like to do anything with them, the SVG source is available here:

On another note, I have been reading a Python book to help me get started coding better with Python. The book is called Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional. I would highly recommend it, as I gives a very comprehensive view of Python, but it is not too challenging to keep up with the book. The author (Magnus Lie Hetland) also includes quite a lot of Monty Python references which is also very entertaining. Hopefully this book will spur me on in my stalled coding state! :-)

Dell E

This one seems to have slipped through the Ubuntu Planet's Radars, however I thought I make it known that Dell has revealed more about their competitor (spotted under Michael Dell's arm a while ago) to the Asus EEEPC and the like, and they have decided (for now) to call it the Dell E.

A nice controversial and easily misunderstood name :-) as I see it.

Like the Other UltraPortables out there, it is shipped with Linux preinstalled (or a 7 years old version of some other operating system...)

Anyway, despite the name, I am pretty interested and excited about the Deli Dell E, because... :-

  • The specs of of it's most basic model (see below) beat that of the EEEPC's 700 & 900 series (900Mhz CPU & 1Ggb RAM). It has a 1.6Ghz CPU with 512mb.
  • Dell are to release 5 different versions!
  • The normal 'Dell E' will come in E Classic, E Video & E Video+ (the next version in the series include webcams, bluetooth stuff, more memory & storage etc.
  • Then Dell are to release an 'E Slim' series which will even seek to take on competitors such as the Macbook Air with it's ultra slimness (however the E SLim is slightly fatter). The E Slim's will come in Normal & '+' versions.
  • Another mainstream PC with Linux on is always good :-)
  • They are planned to ship in more colours like the EEEPC's
  • I think the E's look better (more stylish) than the EEEPC's .. hehe :-)

Anyway it is set to be a good year for Dell with this new announcement! However one thing I am suprised about, is that the E's will ship with either Windows XP or Linux, however the Linux distro of choice, is to be a custom-one, made by Dell. Due to Ubuntu & Dell's Relationshp (and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix) wouldn't you have thought Ubuntu might be OS of choice?

Hello World!

The immortal words that come before any new blog's first post...

Hello World!

I am Andrew and this is my new blog! Some of you may know me already, those few who do might know me better by 'Rugby471' my username on most sites, however that aside, I shall be blogging here quite often, on subjects (related to Ubuntu & Linux) that I find interesting and I hope you will too.

And now a bit about me:

  • Name : Andrew (rugby471)
  • Age : In my Teens
  • What Do I Do? : Artwork & a Bit of Python (pygtk) programming when I can

But now a bit about you:

Any particular things you want to see on this blog? Please email me and tell me! (Otherwise you may to deal with the random posts that I conjure up occasionally :-] )