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Linksys, WUSB54GR Wireless-G USB Adapter, Ubuntu Linux

Recently I purchased a wireless USB adapter for my PC, as it is now no longer within easy reach of an ethernet cable.

I bought a Linksys (Cisco) WUSB54GR Wireless-G USB Adapter off ebuyer for £10.00 and it works fantastically with Ubuntu Linux 8.10+

I literally had to plug it in and it started working straight away, no problems at all.

I highly recommend this product to anyone using Ubuntu and hopefully this post should show up high in Google when anyone wants to find out how well the product works with Ubuntu.

Jaunty Impressions

Just upgraded to Jaunty Jackalope (well a fresh install, I keep my /home & / in different partitions) and my impressions so far are pretty good!

The Good:

  • Boot Speed - Amazing, you can see my bootchart at the end, I average around 27 secs on an AMD Sempron 3000, 1GB RAM (and my / partition is ext4)

  • UI Improvements - I like the fading wallpaper switcher and new volume control especially

  • Compatibility - Everything works as it should (though this was the same in Intrepid. Still, no regressions is always good)

The Bad:

  • New Update Manager Behaviour - I prefer the old behaviour, but then again that is the beauty of opensource, a quick:
    gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false
    And you are back!

  • Gnome Panel - I am nitpicking now, but I can't seem to drag the panel to a new position as I could in older versions. Anyone else experiencing this?
    EDIT: I found by looking through the changelog you now have to hold ALT to drag a panel

And the Very Good (there is no Ugly in an ubuntu release :-] ) :

  • Installation - The fact that it took me half an hour to upgrade my system and have it working as exactly before! ( I also love the new timezone switcher, so much better!)

Impressions so far? Excellent!

How Linux Helps you to Move House

I am moving house on Wednesday and lucky for me, Linux has made it that much easier...

  • I backed up my Windows 2000 partition... using Linux

  • I backed up my Ubuntu Partition... using Linux

And last but not least, due to the amazing work done by the Ubuntu Netbook Remix Team & all the Ubuntu Developers, the Ubuntu Netbook Remix Image worked perfectly on my Mum's eeePC, enabling me to create a LiveUSB to boot instead of the default Xandros install.

This means that thanks to the work done by the NetworkManager developers, I can use a T-Mobile mobile broadband dongle on the eeePC, allowing me access to the internet through the few days (that actually turned into two weeks!) that we are setting up the broadband at our new house.

Thank you Linux !!

New Theme & An Essential Firefox Extension

You may have noticed recently that this blog has got a new theme, hopefully it is now easier to read etc.

Now onto the news, I have just found and started using a Firefox Extension that I now consider essential. It's name?. SkipScreen

We've all been through the situation where we've wanted to download a file, and had to go to a site like rapidshare, mediafire etc. and had to wait for ever! to download the file (because of a timer the site puts there for non 'premium' members).

You also then get the situations where you leave the timer to countdown, but then when you come back to download the file, the download slot has expired and you to start all over again!

However this situation is no more, SkipScreen is a Firefox Extension designed especially to skip all these pages and give you the download instantly! It is a great extension and you learn more about it at it's website below, you by viewing the video below: