Ubuntu Teen

Hello World!

The immortal words that come before any new blog's first post...

Hello World!

I am Andrew and this is my new blog! Some of you may know me already, those few who do might know me better by 'Rugby471' my username on most sites, however that aside, I shall be blogging here quite often, on subjects (related to Ubuntu & Linux) that I find interesting and I hope you will too.

And now a bit about me:

  • Name : Andrew (rugby471)
  • Age : In my Teens
  • What Do I Do? : Artwork & a Bit of Python (pygtk) programming when I can

But now a bit about you:

Any particular things you want to see on this blog? Please email me and tell me! (Otherwise you may to deal with the random posts that I conjure up occasionally :-] )


Anonymous said...

Excelent blog, add your feed..

Great Job..

Good luck