Ubuntu Teen

Jaunty Impressions

Just upgraded to Jaunty Jackalope (well a fresh install, I keep my /home & / in different partitions) and my impressions so far are pretty good!

The Good:

  • Boot Speed - Amazing, you can see my bootchart at the end, I average around 27 secs on an AMD Sempron 3000, 1GB RAM (and my / partition is ext4)

  • UI Improvements - I like the fading wallpaper switcher and new volume control especially

  • Compatibility - Everything works as it should (though this was the same in Intrepid. Still, no regressions is always good)

The Bad:

  • New Update Manager Behaviour - I prefer the old behaviour, but then again that is the beauty of opensource, a quick:
    gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false
    And you are back!

  • Gnome Panel - I am nitpicking now, but I can't seem to drag the panel to a new position as I could in older versions. Anyone else experiencing this?
    EDIT: I found by looking through the changelog you now have to hold ALT to drag a panel

And the Very Good (there is no Ugly in an ubuntu release :-] ) :

  • Installation - The fact that it took me half an hour to upgrade my system and have it working as exactly before! ( I also love the new timezone switcher, so much better!)

Impressions so far? Excellent!