Ubuntu Teen

Android - 2 ; iPhone - 0

Whilst reading my feeds, I just found two things that made me laugh, and applaud Android.

Android - 1

Those of you who have an iPhone (not me :-]) will know how it took over a year for someone to bring Skype to the iPhone, and even then, it is still a bit crappy.

Well, iSkoot has just brought Skype to Android and what's that? 3 weeks after it's release on the T-Mobile G1? Hehe, and guess what, apparently it is quite good :-)

Android - 2

I just read a guide on how download & install the Android SDK (which includes an emulator) for Ubuntu. (Instructions in the next post!). Hmmm.. funny how the Android SDK was released with so little trouble, and yet the iPhone's has so much controversy surrounding it, and it still only has a Mac version available (when you sign up for a Dev account).