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Advice - Dell Inspiron

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you could give me some advice.

I am thinking about buying a laptop, and I have finally decided to just buy a normal laptop instead of a netbook.

I am on a limited budget (around £350), and the best Ubuntu Laptop I have found so far is the Dell Inspiron 1525 (the only Ubuntu Laptop from Dell UK) however before I purchase it, I was wondering:

  • If any of you have bought an Inspiron 1525 and your experience with it

  • Or if any of you have found another great (but cheap) Ubuntu laptop and wish to recommend it

If you have time, could you either email me or post a comment about the above

Thanks Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

I own a Dell Inspiron 1525 that shipped with Ubuntu and have been very happy with it since it arrived around 3-4 weeks ago.

However I doubled the RAM, replaced the processor with a much better one, added a long term warranty, choose a special casing, etc. When you've done all of that then the price goes quite a long way over your budget.

I'm planning on reviewing the laptop some time soon (although University work and social has gotten in the way!)

Andrew said...

Thanks Jai, yes I will have to lower he specs a bit, but it is always encouraging when someone says it is good quality

Karl said...

I bought a 1526 AMD64 Inspiron at BestBuy in the US 6 months ago and run Ubuntu 8.04 on it. Very nice laptop and quit fast. Would by it again.