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Microsoft Makes Me Angry

I suppose it is appropriate that just after watching Louis Leterrier's 'The Incredible Hulk' (great movie) that I should see something that makes me angry.

Microsoft has just announced their 'specification list' for Windows 7 Starter on netbooks. The list basically states that Windows 7 Starter will only be allowed on machines that:

* Have a screen smaller/equal to 10.2 in
* Have no more than 1GB RAM
* Have a maximum HDD size of 250GB/ SSD size of 64GB
* Have a single core processor no faster than 2Ghz

I'm sorry but who do Microsoft think they are? Who are they to tell computer manufacturers that they don't have free choice on their hardware? I fI buy Windows 7 Starter and put it on a dual core desktop, will I be breaking the law?!

This is a new kind of arrogance even more Microsoft, somehow they think because they are a large Software maker, that they now own all computing markets?

Not only are they being awkward, but they are now prohibiting the development of netbook technology. What manufacturer is going to want to incorporate a dual core ATOM in their netbook, or a large HDD, or a new SSD, if they:

* have to put Windows on their device, as Microsoft have convinced everyone that anything else is a cancer
* have to pay more for the version of Windows (ie. Basic rather than Starter)
* will suffer reduced performance because of using said version of Windows

Thanks Microsoft, as a result of your arrogance, the netbook market has just stalled and no new technologies will ever come out.

It sure is a good time to be a Linux user.

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Anonymous said...

no, you won't be breaking the law to put windows 7 starter edition on a desktop that exceeds the specifications, but microsoft will have code inplace to not allow you to run the os on a machine that exceeds the specifications.

but yes its an abuse of the market and lets hope the EU do something about it.