Ubuntu Teen

Netbooks of 2009

Sorry for not posting in quite a while, but anyway, below are some netbooks that you should watch out for in 2009!

Dell Mini 10 - Everyone was a but surprised when Dell jumped fomr the Mini 9 to the Mini 12, fearing that they had maybe missed out on the perfect netbook dimensions, however announced at CES was the Dell Mini 10 and with proposed features such as TV tuner card, multi-touch track pad ... it is something to watch out for (here's hoping we get an Ubuntu option).

HP Mini 1000 - After HP's disappointing sales of the Mini Note 1233 (with a slightly unsuited SUSE implementation) HP have announced the Mini 1000 with one of the OS options being MIE (Mobile Internet Experience [based on Ubuntu!] ) although the disabled command-line won't go down well with some Ubuntu users...

ARM Netbook - At CES one of the most exciting things for me was Freescale and Pegatron announcement of a prototype ARM netbook running Ubuntu. These low cost (around $200!) and low power (8 hour battery life anyone?) devices seem perfectly suited for the netbook market and I can't wait to see them in production (especially as this certain prototype looked the best of any netbook I had seen!)

So what netbook from above are you looking forward to the most? Or is there one that I haven't listed that you'll be watching? Answers in the comments please :-)