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Dell E

This one seems to have slipped through the Ubuntu Planet's Radars, however I thought I make it known that Dell has revealed more about their competitor (spotted under Michael Dell's arm a while ago) to the Asus EEEPC and the like, and they have decided (for now) to call it the Dell E.

A nice controversial and easily misunderstood name :-) as I see it.

Like the Other UltraPortables out there, it is shipped with Linux preinstalled (or a 7 years old version of some other operating system...)

Anyway, despite the name, I am pretty interested and excited about the Deli Dell E, because... :-

  • The specs of of it's most basic model (see below) beat that of the EEEPC's 700 & 900 series (900Mhz CPU & 1Ggb RAM). It has a 1.6Ghz CPU with 512mb.
  • Dell are to release 5 different versions!
  • The normal 'Dell E' will come in E Classic, E Video & E Video+ (the next version in the series include webcams, bluetooth stuff, more memory & storage etc.
  • Then Dell are to release an 'E Slim' series which will even seek to take on competitors such as the Macbook Air with it's ultra slimness (however the E SLim is slightly fatter). The E Slim's will come in Normal & '+' versions.
  • Another mainstream PC with Linux on is always good :-)
  • They are planned to ship in more colours like the EEEPC's
  • I think the E's look better (more stylish) than the EEEPC's .. hehe :-)

Anyway it is set to be a good year for Dell with this new announcement! However one thing I am suprised about, is that the E's will ship with either Windows XP or Linux, however the Linux distro of choice, is to be a custom-one, made by Dell. Due to Ubuntu & Dell's Relationshp (and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix) wouldn't you have thought Ubuntu might be OS of choice?